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3 reasons why monitoring your ‘Ageing PMs’ can allow you to unlock efficiencies

17 April 2019 by Add Energy

Ageing planned maintenance (PMs) usually refers to planned maintenance work orders that are overdue, which are mainly for non-safety critical equipment.

It’s useful to have an overview of this at your fingertips, because it enables you to investigate and understand the reasons why you’re not doing planned maintenance tasks.

This blog post will provide you with insights into how having complete visibility of PM Ageing Compliance will help you to unlock efficiencies for your team and your asset.

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Why do Add Energy’s consultants recommend focusing on this KPI?

Ageing PMs can be a huge challenge for maintenance teams across the world, and in some companies we’ve seen ageing PMs accumulating more than 150,000 hours! It can become an unmanageable and ever-growing mountain of work that can seem impossible to clear.


Having reliable data around your ageing PMs is critical for making smart decisions that will not only help you reduce the volume of overdue work, but will also allow you to recognise efficiencies for optimising your overall maintenance strategy.

Here are 3 ways that you can become more efficient by having full visibility of this KPI...

1. Reduce the frequency of PMs

If a certain type of maintenance is repeatedly becoming overdue, but no failures are occurring, you should be asking yourself if the maintenance strategy is optimal for that piece of equipment.

This insight will provide you with the business case to review the reliability of the equipment to identify if it is possible to reduce the frequency of maintenance. If there are no failures or reliability issues recorded, then there is a case for rationalising the frequency which will allow you to focus your team’s time elsewhere - without compromising on the safety or productivity of the facility.

Instead of putting a deferral in place and rescheduling the PM time and time again, this would be a smarter, longer-term solution to optimising your maintenance.  


Ultimately, it will help you stop doing work you don’t need to do, allow you to spend your time as efficiently as possible and reduce your overdue PM work orders.

2. Justify additional resource

If you analyse the types of maintenance that keep slipping into the overdue pile, and the age of these work orders and their priorities, you could build a solid case for initiating a discipline or location based approach to “campaign maintenance”, or securing additional resources for your team in order to liquidate the work.


This would enable you to tackle this backlog head on, in an effective way, instead of allowing it to keep building up at an unmanageable rate.   

3. Adjust the core competencies of your team

Having full visibility of this KPI can also allow you to identify resource gaps in your personnel.

For example, if you have a significant amount of aging PMs for instrumentation work orders, and no mechanical backlog, this could signify that you may have an imbalance of skills within your team. You may need to therefore increase the number of instrumentation specialists on your core team, which you didn’t realise previously.


Having insights around ageing PMs at your fingertips will allow you to adjust your crew’s competency split accordingly, so you can distribute work efficiently and manage your PMs in a more effective manner.

A simple solution that will give you insights around ageing PMs

Add Energy has created a KPI management tool, Aim-Hi™, that will allow you to easily monitor and manage the KPIs that are important for your business, and quickly highlight the critical insights that you need to make decisions with confidence.

Aim-Hi™ provides maintenance teams with a real-time, interactive KPI dashboard. It is compatible with any CMMS, and will automatically generate easy-to-consume reports around your maintenance KPIs, which you can access anytime, anywhere.  

You can learn more about Aim-Hi™ by clicking here.

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