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3 training courses designed to unlock efficiencies for your asset

11 August 2020 by Add Energy

While training may seem like a costly and unnecessary venture right now, it will inevitably unlock ROI opportunities and savings in the long run. As new skills are learned, knowledge is enhanced and efficiencies will be gained in relation to enhanced production, reliability, HSE performance and cost optimization. 

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This is especially true within the world of asset management and maintenance optimization at the moment, as there are a wealth of efficiency savings and production optimization  opportunities that can be unearthed and capitalised upon. And effective training can be the much-needed catalyst for these savings. 

Mike Meen heads up The Add Energy Academy, and he has identified the top three training courses for asset and maintenance teams, which are guaranteed to help your business become more efficient and unlock major ROI opportunities. 

Maintenance Management:

This course has been designed to enable entry-level maintenance and inspection professionals to enhance the safety and efficiency of their asset through the maintenance being conducted, as well as improve the detection of potential equipment degradation and failures. 

Mike says: “This course covers the entire maintenance process, from design through to disposal of facilities, and it focuses on risk-based techniques and loss-elimination practices used across the world by maintenance professionals.

“The program we have carefully developed lays a solid foundation for the skills and knowledge required to effectively conduct maintenance, but also provides them with the bigger picture - so they can fully understand how they play a crucial role in the safe and efficient operation of a plant.”

Learning objectives:

  • To practice skills that maintain facilities in a safe and efficient manner.
  • To enhance knowledge of plant failure mechanisms and be able to detect potential equipment degradation. 
  • To be able to identify and inform the maintenance work processes that support and control operations.
  • To explain the role of maintenance and inspection engineering in the business
  • To describe the concepts of RCM, RBI and SIL and its impact on plant availability and reliability
  • To explain the major degradation mechanisms and recognise where these occur

CMMS Utilization:

One of the most common areas where cost savings and efficiencies can be identified is around the computerised maintenance management system (CMMS). Missing or inaccurate data, inconsistent data entry, and poor change management processes are just a few of the challenges often faced, and improving your team’s knowledge on how to effectively utilize and maintain the CMMS can be incredibly valuable both now and for the future. 

Mike explains: “This course is designed to enhance a wide range of skills relevant to frequent users of the CMMS - all which contribute to having a safe and efficient maintenance regime. We explain the importance of data for maintainers, inspectors, managers and leaders, and focus specifically on the maintenance execution process.

“We also help to break down traditional silos within your company, as candidates will make direct contact with staff in related disciplines outside of their daily sphere.”

Learning outcomes:

  • Improve skills that will help maintain facilities in a safe and efficient manner
  • Enhanced knowledge of the CMMS data, flow, analytics and KPIs
  • Ability to identify and inform the maintenance work processes that support and control operations, in particular the data requirements for the following:
    • Identification and prioritisation
    • Planning
    • Scheduling
    • Execution
    • Close-out
    • Analysis

Asset Management:

Designed to provide advanced technical knowledge around effective asset management, this course will build essential skills across teams that can be used to identify and unlock business opportunities. 

Mike says: “This blended course is suited to a range of senior professionals across disciplines - from maintenance, reliability and engineering, to procurement, logistics and operations - to help them grow and progress within their companies.”

The Asset Management course has four main learning objectives:

  1. People development: 
    1. To credibly discuss the asset’s vision and strategic plan, and translate that plan into focused, actionable tasks
    2. To understand how to build a high performance team and effectively develop people
  2. Work process excellence: 
    1. To develop global processes on their site 
    2. To understand how the asset’s focal points can deliver results
  3. Continuous improvements: 
    1. To highlight how and when their asset carries out management reviews 
    2. To understand the mechanisms for sharing learning both internally and externally
  4. Safety leadership: 
    1. To discuss how their asset has established governance structures 

Unlocking human and asset potential is an attractive prospect for any company, and here at Add Energy, we pride ourselves in helping others achieve by sharing our vast amount of industry experience.

To learn more, either visit The Add Energy Academy to discover the tailored training programs we have available, or get in touch with Mike and the training team by filling in the form below.

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