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4 tips on How to Avoid Asset Cardiac Arrest

25 April 2019 by Alex Sherman

AL_LinkedIn_Image_Hoss_PresentingMuch like our own body, an asset must be maintained to a consistent standard in order to run efficiently and to avoid unnecessary periods of lengthy shutdowns or outages.

On an asset, the maintenance team is tasked with looking after vital kit (the organs) aligned with a preventative maintenance regime, that is usually managed through the computerised maintenance management system (CMMS). A strategy that seems straightforward enough, but often fails to deliver on its objectives due to multiple factors interfering - such factors range from data quality and completeness issues, to an unrealistic maintenance schedule being imposed on the maintenance team. 

In March 2019, at the annual Shutdown and Maintenance Conference in Amsterdam, Hossein Ghavimi, also known as, Add Energy’s “Data Doctor”, presented his insights into the common issues effecting maintenance management. Hossein also discussed the root cause of these issues, and gave actionable tips on where to invest capital, time and resource to effectively optimize maintenance management, or your "patient", to avoid asset cardiac arrest.  

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