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A deep dive into the world of Aim-Hi™ with the brains behind the product

4 March 2019 by Hossein Ghavimi

With the recent launch of Aim-Hi™, our new software that provides real-time KPI analytics relating to maintenance, risk and performance, we wanted to interview the brains behind the product, to give you deeper insights into what it is, why it has been created, and how it helps maintenance teams make sense of big data.


Hossein Ghavimi is the Research & Development Manager at Add Energy, and he led the development of Aim-Hi™. As a passionate software professional, Hossein is dedicated to creating solutions that solve our customers’ biggest problems.

Why did Add Energy invest in the development of Aim-Hi™?

“We’ve worked with a multitude of operating assets across power generation, oil and gas, mining and other industries, who all face common challenges relating to asset management. And we have seen first-hand how big of an issue KPI monitoring and management can be.

“The common issues we’ve identified include:

  1. Investing excessive time into manual data manipulation

  2. Not being able to identify underperformance and non-compliance until it's too late

  3. Not knowing where to focus time and effort to get the most ROI and mitigate risk

“These challenges become even more pressing because every day, more and more data is being collected by businesses, which means it's even more critical for maintenance teams to make sense of that data, and not waste time going through millions of records of information to try and figure out what’s going on.

“We identified a gap in the market and have developed a solution to combat these challenges.”

What has Aim-Hi™ been designed to do?

“Aim-Hi™ is a cloud-based KPI tool that can tell you how you’re performing based on the business goals that you’ve set around maintenance, risk and performance.

“We have recognised that it’s not good enough to just see how you’re performing - we want to be able to help clients actually understand where the problems are and what specifically is causing them, so they can focus time and effort on fixing these problems before they become bigger issues. And this is what Aim-Hi™ has been designed to do.


“It turns your data into something meaningful, telling you why underperformance is occurring in a very easy to consume way. It filters out the noise caused by masses of data, and lets you quickly see improvement opportunities without wasting any time.

“The tool will automatically generate KPI reports for you, as often as you want.  And it will give you the top critical issues you need to go after, with specific data points that back it up.”

In a nutshell, how does Aim-Hi™ work?

“Aim-Hi™ analyses data from your CMMS and provides a window to your performance through the KPIs aligned to your business. You can then drill deeper to uncover where you are going wrong, and what you need to fix to benefit uptime, safety and cost.

Who has Aim-Hi™ been designed for?

“The primary person we’ve created this piece of software for is Maintenance Managers. The role of this person is to make sure the maintenance is being conducted safely, ensuring the reliability of equipment, and increasing the uptime of the asset, which will lead to more revenue for the business.

“Monitoring and managing KPIs allows a Maintenance Manager to measure whether they are meeting business goals or not. And if not, why not. It gives them the ability to talk to the relevant people about areas of weakness, so improvements can be made.


“Aim-Hi™ will provide the much-needed transparency of how the site is performing, for the entire team.

“One client we’ve worked with actually wanted to display KPIs up on a big screen, to drive weekly or daily planning meetings. And with Aim-Hi™, this didn’t take any additional time or effort, as this was generated automatically for them.

“Another user of this tool will be Maintenance Team Leads, who are leading a team of technicians and want to ensure the team is performing well. They’ll likely focus on two key metrics - PM compliance, and CM compliance."

What is the one thing you want people to know about Aim-Hi™?

“Aim-Hi™ doesn’t just show you performance levels, it tells you the why behind them.


“There are a lot of systems out there that tell you how you’re performing, but they don’t go a step further. With Aim-Hi™, with just 2 clicks, you can get all this information, make sense of important data, and be able to make the necessary improvements.

“You can also access the tool anywhere in the world - whether you’re at work, at home, or on-site - as it’s available across different devices, at any time. So you can have access to this rich information very quickly.”

What excites you most about Aim-Hi?

“The thing I’m most excited about is how simple and easy Aim-Hi™ is to use, and this has also been validated through feedback we’ve had from customers.


“A lot of products out there haven’t been designed with users in mind. But we’ve designed this to be as simple as possible for the end-user, and have built features that provide value and will actually be used by the majority of people.

“Our approach to the design and usability of the software was to enable people to get what they need in no more than 3 clicks:

  • With no clicks, you can see an overview of how you’re performing
  • With 1 click, you can discover more about a single KPI, including why you’re not hitting your target
  • And with 2 clicks, you can dig even deeper, and identify specifically what is causing the issue

“Another thing that excites me is the speed it performs at. All calculations are done in real-time, with no cache data - nothing is stored in the background. The benefit of this is that it makes the product very responsive, and allows our customers to have the information they need instantly.”

Can you give a before and after comparison of using Aim-Hi?

“Many companies we have spoken to typically handle a lot of spreadsheets to establish where they are in relation to KPI compliance. They dedicate one or two people to download information from their CMMS, manipulate data on these spreadsheets on a weekly basis, and create graphs around KPIs for the team to view.

“Other companies may have tools that are part of the maintenance management package, that they can configure and set-up to generate KPIs. But the data still needs to be analysed.

“The issue with both approaches is there’s time spent focusing on creating the data behind the KPIs, generating the reports, and then analysing the results. With Aim-Hi™, this is all automated. The analysis of the data is done for you, as is the creation of graphs. And it even gives you the reasons why you’re seeing poor performance.


“Aim-Hi™ allows your team members to spend their time more productively, and minimises human error that can occur during this manual data analysis.”

Tell us about the development of this new piece of software…

“Back in 2014, we started our initial exploratory talks. We then started developing a prototype in Excel, which took around 3 months. This version was tested with a client, and we received invaluable feedback to improve the tool.

“We then moved the prototype to the cloud, and in total, the cloud version was in development for 18 months.

“During this time, we saw three evolutions of the user interface, and received feedback from around 30 different users. 70% of this was from clients in the power generation, mining and offshore and onshore oil and gas industries, and 30% was from internal users, including our maintenance consultants within Add Energy.

“We are also committed to the continuous development of this software. With version 1 of Aim-Hi™ now launched, we are focusing on the release of the next version, which will encompass planned maintenance analysis. This will provide recommendations based on opportunities to rationalise, or in some cases, increase planned maintenance where the equipment is subject to reliability issues due to inadequate planned maintenance being applied.”


Your demo will allow you to:

  • Understand more about how Aim-Hi™ works, and how you and your team can use it
  • Learn more about the data required to run the analysis  
  • Get answers to any questions you have