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How RFID technology can help rental companies achieve unrivalled customer service results

Investing in international service energy leaders, why the time is now for the State of Kuwait

How RFID tracking technology can elevate inpatient hospital care, enhance safety, and reduce costs

Harnessing proven training solutions to enhance skill and ability within your maintenance and reliability workforce

How to improve plant performance and profitability through a data-driven, corporate approach to maintenance management

A step-by-step guide to developing and enriching your Bill of Materials (BoMs)

Achieving safety integrity assurance and performance excellence through a data-driven maintenance improvement project

The top 4 barriers preventing your ability to achieve efficient warehouse management

6 ways to save time and money in materials and spare part management, using your CMMS

How to drive performance and optimize costs by unlocking the potential of your maintenance and reliability workforce

Overcoming common challenges associated with aging plants

3 fundamental processes guaranteed to unlock maintenance efficiencies and ensure plant reliability

Key considerations for setting optimal min/max inventory stock levels to assure productivity and profitability

Harnessing “Industry 4.0” to safeguard asset integrity: Initiatives for unlocking efficiencies to protect your people, plant and processes

5 undeniable benefits of outsourcing your CMMS build

Developing new safety initiatives for the industry: Exclusive insights from the Chair of the Competence Workgroup at Step Change in Safety

How to de-risk “Master Data Migration and Transfer” programs

5 Daily habits of an effective Maintenance Manager

A data driven journey to maintenance excellence: how we saved $46.5M of annual maintenance expenditure

The real impact of delaying maintenance

How RFID tagging can benefit Logistics Managers

Inventory management: a goldmine for unlocking opportunities to save money

Add Energy celebrates International Women’s Day 2021

Building competency for the future: showcasing the importance of learning while you work during Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2021

Victory: Software developers from the University of Salford secure 1st place following a 3-week software "Hackathon" event to develop Add Energy led concept

Real-life accounts: Demonstrating the importance of accurate CMMS data for safe, efficient and effective maintenance management

Techniques and advice to optimize maintenance execution in a COVID-19 environment


Losing your marbles? Striking the perfect balance between cost cutting and risk mitigation

Top considerations for a successful training session that maximizes your investment

Success: Unlocking opportunities through cutting-edge technology

Unity, resilience and collaboration: how we flourished in the face of adversity

The new normal: how companies can reset and grow

My biggest lessons learned from being Head of Maintenance

The future is now: 3 lessons learned from Topsides UK 2020

Progressing from middle management to leadership: the fundamentals

The biggest cost saving initiatives for maintenance teams

How to overcome 7 common frustrations faced by Maintenance Managers

Essential behaviours and traits of an influential leader

Plugging the skills gap: why now is a critical time to invest in learning

A Step-by-step guide to a CMMS build with Add Energy

3 training courses designed to unlock efficiencies for your asset

My Take on Managing the Cost of Aging Assets

5 tips for preventing unplanned downtime

5 indicators of an inefficient CMMS and how to overcome them

A 5 step process for improving your asset performance

RFID Tracking Software, AssetVoice™ Receives Award of Excellence

How to save time and money whilst verifying assets and collecting key data

How Routing your maintenance can maximise efficiency, productivity and safety

How to overcome the biggest challenges faced by Materials Management teams

How to save money and reduce risk with limited budget and resources

Optimize maintenance expenditure with Aim-Hi™'s newly launched features

How to optimize your maintenance with sequencing

5 tips to effectively “package maintenance” to unlock efficiencies

Insights from Add Energy’s Materials Management Specialist in Calgary

How to optimize your maintenance with routing, sequencing and packaging

10 top tips for parents working from home

3 performance improvement opportunities for your asset

A simple guide to optimising your spare parts management

The life of a young engineer at Add Energy

Tips for extending the life of your asset, to maximise oil recovery

4 tips for improving your preservation maintenance and avoiding costly shutdowns

5 tips for Asset Managers to optimise costs and increase production

Business insights and advice for 2020, from Add Energy’s EVP Peter Adam


The top 4 KPIs for ensuring maintenance excellence

The biggest challenges faced by Maintenance Managers in the Middle East and how to overcome them

3 Quick Wins for Enriching your Spares Inventory

5 tips for Maintenance Managers who want to reduce OPEX expenditure

The hidden values in an internship, my take

My advice for ambitious working mums and women in the energy sector

How to improve maintenance plan compliance

From an Assistant Engineer to Consultant - My Journey

Planning and scheduling maintenance: the biggest challenges and how to solve them

4 tips on How to Avoid Asset Cardiac Arrest

3 reasons why monitoring your ‘Ageing PMs’ can allow you to unlock efficiencies

The top 3 issues caused by a poor asset register, and how to overcome them

How to Achieve TRUE Maintenance Optimization

Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2019: a look back with rianne gorman

A deep dive into the world of Aim-Hi™ with the brains behind the product

New software launched to optimise maintenance costs

Engineering doesn’t always have to be so serious!

5 Top Tips on How to Build and Maintain a Fit-For-Purpose CMMS

Business insights and advice for 2019 from Add Energy’s EVP, Peter Adam

How to determine equipment criticality to save money and reduce your maintenance backlog

Add Energy appoints Principal Materials Specialist to bolster Spares Management expertise

Managing obsolescence: Q&A with Jody Lusher, Add Energy

5 common problems associated with incorrect or incomplete BoM data, and how to overcome them

How to save money and avoid time wastage when managing spares

How to ensure you have the right spare, at the right time, in the right place

Do you have assurance that your Ex equipment is being maintained?

How can I effectively manage my spare parts and save money?

The Pros and Cons of Maintenance Strategy Centralization

Using CMMS data as a business case for optimisation

How to save £500K through simple “routing” of planned maintenance

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