Drilling and Well Operations

How to manage well integrity across the lifecycle of the well

Meet our drilling and completions specialists

Subsea capping: planning and key considerations for minimizing risk of well integrity failure during a shut-in operation

Add Energy co-present case study on planning and executing a source-control exercise using a visual simulator as a well response training tool

Solving the diagnostic puzzle of blowouts

Add Energy to moderate “Integrity Excellence” workshop at Australian Offshore Well Intervention event

Behind the scenes with the Deepwater Horizon Investigation team

Boosting production amid a cost-conscious environment

Advice for the next generation of drilling and well engineers, gained from 35 years in the oil and gas industry

Recruiting Drilling and Well Engineering Specialists

New perspectives, the right mindset and a shared vision to succeed

Pause, assess, collaborate: a recipe for success during a crisis

Working smarter with less to maximize production and assure well control

5 daily habits of an effective Drilling Manager

Top considerations for an effective blowout contingency plan

How to reduce response time when the unthinkable happens

We are Expanding our Drilling and Well Engineering Team

A closer look at the RWIS design, how it works and the benefits that can be unlocked

Preventing a blowout while maximising flow: insights from our EVP of Well Control, Morten Haug Emilsen

Relief Well Challenges and Solutions for Subsea Big-Bore Field Developments

Oilfield development: unlock 4 major cost saving opportunities with this subsea hardware

Lifting the Drilling Moratorium in the US through Innovative Hardware Development, post Macondo

Add Energy Delivers Successful Well Integrity Training Course in Perth

Service Spotlight: well operations management plans

Add Energy and Enautech sign master service agreement to improve blowout preventer reliability and reduce the likelihood of loss of primary containment

A perspective on the Asia Pacific energy sector, with EVP of operations, Eduardo Robaina

Insights and inspiration from Senior Drilling Engineer, Zin Kyaw

Solutions for "source control and loss of containment"

Woodside "Drilling and Completions" Team of the Quarter

Add Energy Continues Exclusive Partnership with Transborders Energy to Commercialise Stranded Gas Fields

Add Energy continues to assist LNG Operator to Optimize Production from their Mature Wells

Add Energy’s Well Control Experts Contribute to High Profile Subsea Intervention Events

BLOG: Add Energy’s “Well Doctor” discusses Industry Optimism following Global SPE Tour

Add Energy and Trendsetter’s well optimisation hardware, the RWIS, receives US patent

Optimize your well economics: how to exceed production targets with less wells

How well is your well? Four things to consider to get the most from your asset and prevent failure in the future

Add Energy helps to facilitate expertise and growth by eliminating gaps between students and industry

Add Energy's "Well Doctor" and SPE Distinguished Lecturer is presenting across Africa on Completion Decision Making as part of the 2016-17 world tour with the SPE.

How to increase your well kill injection rates by 260%

How to Achieve Single Relief Well Contingency

Add Energy’s Well Control Expert delivers successful Blowout Contingency Planning Course in Perth

How to minimise response time and cut contingency costs when the unthinkable happens

Relief Well Injection Spool (RWIS) Impresses Attendees at Houston Open House Event

APOGCE delegates gain access of real life accounts and insight into the challenges of obtaining control of a subsea blowout

Is it still safe?

Simulations while drilling services are sought after

Efficient removal of downhole debris

Post-injection drilling challenges

Increasing market share during downturn

Ensuring safe operations during start-up

Casing magnetization simplifies relief well drilling

Assuring safe and efficient operations in late life

Big bore wells boost production

Planning for the unexpected

add energy's blowout & kill experts hit bull's eye

add energy increases number of Master Service Agreements

Heightened awareness to improve integrity

Infill wells expected to increase recovery

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