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Expanding Add Energy’s drilling and wells capabilities into Asia: Meet our new Senior Drilling Engineer

28 February 2023 by Add Energy

Since joining ABL Group in July, 2022, Add Energy’s Drilling and Wells division now has the ability to offer a full engineering lifecycle to our clients. With new opportunities arising, we are excited to announce the expansion of our Wells division with in-country presence into Asia.

Azman Johari Skymmar has joined Add Energy’s Drilling and Wells division as a Senior Drilling Engineer. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Skymmar’s new role will consist of expanding, developing and operationalizing Add Energy’s Well Engineering expertise in this region. With a background in production and drilling engineering, Skymmar has over 25 years of experience in the industry and looks forward to the opportunity to work on more technically challenging ventures and use his local connections to grow the new Malaysian presence.

Read on for an overview of Skymmar’s experience, how this experience will benefit Add Energy’s clients, what Skymmar thinks the future holds for Asia, and input from Add Energy’s APAC Managing Director of Wells, Eduardo Robaina who is overseeing this exciting expansion.

Skymmar_Eduardo ABL office KL

What expertise are you bringing to Add Energy?

“I worked in a global oil and gas company as a drilling engineer for the majority of my career where I was involved with many high-value and high-risk projects across Malaysia, Indonesia and West Africa. Throughout my 25-year career, I have gained project management expertise and become a Senior Drilling Engineer, leading large teams on drilling campaigns and gaining a wealth of knowledge across different disciplines in offshore drilling, completions and workover, jack up and tender-assisted rig operations.

“Having been part of the industry for many years, I have gained a lot of respect among my peers and gathered a host of local knowledge and a regional understanding of the Malaysian oil and gas industry which helps me better understand the needs of companies, and will aid in developing relationships with potential technical partners for future project collaborations.”

What do you think are the biggest opportunities in the Asia region?

“At the currently reasonable oil price at the beginning of 2023, project opportunities are a plenty in Malaysia, and Add Energy brings the regional industry knowledge and technical skills to work with operators and local partners to increasingly deliver program objectives in a safe and cost-effective way.

“My number one goal within the first year of opening the Malaysian office is to develop Add Energy as a go-to partner in upstream oil and gas that can deliver high-quality engineering solutions, but most importantly deliver them safely.”

Eduardo adds, “Having the right people with strong local knowledge and cultural understanding is paramount for the success of our journey, and Skymmar is exactly that. He is very well respected locally and we are delighted to have him as part of Add Energy’s team.

“Following the impacts of the pandemic, we see great value in supporting the Asia pacific market in production optimization initiatives, expanding their technical competencies, by supporting the local talent, and sharing our consulting services with the many operators wanting to increase their activity.

“Our main goal is to export the great service offering currently based in Australia, Europe, and the US, by linking into ABL Group’s ample network across 38 countries and their strong reputation in the marine, renewable and rig services. This is a key priority set at the end of 2022 as a result of the integration of Add Energy into ABL Group.”

What does the future hold for the oil and gas and decarbonization industry in Asia? And how can we support that?

“I can see significant opportunities in upstream oil and gas business in Malaysia such as the brownfield and marginal fields development, as well as carbon-Capture and Storage (CCS). Add Energy has the experience and knowledge to contribute to this space and work together with operators and local partners to develop the opportunities.

“This was one of the main reasons I joined Add Energy Malaysia, so I had more opportunities to integrate my technical skills into exciting and technically challenging ventures like CCS, well digitalization and new block exploration wells.”

Eduardo adds, “I see an increase in activity in the traditional hydrocarbon play in Asia’s future, as we support the energy transition into carbon emission and renewable opportunities. Add Energy has been doing a lot of work in transferring knowledge from the many years of wells experience and assisting CCS and CCUS opportunities to be delivered efficiently and safely to our existing clients.”

In summary…

“The joining of Add Energy into ABL Group has been a very positive experience so far. As we continue to integrate and expand Add Energy into new regions like Malaysia where ABL have an existing presence, this will allow the group to bring OPEX solutions and offer a full engineering lifecycle to our clients.”

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