As a leading international drilling and well engineering service and consultancy provider, Add Energy employs a team of highly skilled experts who deliver platform drilling and completion solutions globally, from our base in Perth, Australia.   

We sat down with 3 of our specialists to explore more about their role and why they do what they do:

Brad Parker2021 Headshot_Brad Parker (1)
Brad Parker heads up our Platform Well Intervention team and has been crucial to the delivery of well engineering solutions for our clients over the last 3 years.  With over 10 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, specializing in Electric Line and Slickline Brad has a wealth of hands on and technical knowledge that has been invaluable with providing our clients complete assurance in delivering well intervention initiatives effectively.

On an annual basis, Brad, and his team work on 8 to 10 well interventions on our client’s platforms and ensure Add Energy’s well established well intervention process is adhered to whilst assuring alignment with the client’s own requirements and standards.

Field of expertise

  • Project Planning and Execution of well intervention activities
  • Project closeout and After-Action Reviews
  • Well intervention Risk Identification
  • Regulator communication in Well Operating and Integrity Management Plans
  • New technology introduction and assessment
  • System Integration Testing of equipment to relevant ISO and API standards
  • QA/QC and intervention asset reviews
  • Assurance and verification of 3rd party suppliers, equipment, and procedure

Why I do what I do

“The excitement of resolving challenges and helping clients maintain their license to operate to recover hydrocarbons is what I enjoy most about my role. I thrive on working closely with a team of experts and delivering work scopes to clients with full transparency, on time and in budget.

“I am also passionate about growth and upskilling and believe that continuous learning and proactive team knowledge sharing is key to the future of safe and effective intervention operations.”

Chris Gregory2021 Headshot_Chris Gregory (1)
Chris Gregory is one of our Senior Drilling Engineers, with over 33 years of experience in the industry. Chris lends his expertise to assuring drilling and exploration operational management systems comply with international standards and provide a framework for achieving operational excellence.

Chris is currently working on reviewing a client’s management competency framework and developing an exploration operations management system for another client’s international operations.

Field of expertise:

  • Drilling project management
  • Competency reviews
  • Preparing and executing management systems

Why I do what I do

“I am proud to be able to utilize my experience, both good and bad, to help companies establish management frameworks that allows their business objectives to be achieved in the most effective way possible.

“Having progressed from a Drilling Engineer to a Country Manager role over my 33 year career has allowed me to have hands on experience of the different roles within a platform drilling team, and I believe this experience has been crucial to optimizing our client’s operational management systems.”

John Cooper2021 Headshot_John Cooper (1)
John Cooper is a Quality Surveillance Coordinator working closely with our client’s drilling and completions team.  John’s 26 years in the industry and incidents he has witnessed over the years has cultivated a strong awareness and passion for health and safety, ensuring equipment that is constructed, purchased, or rented meets quality standards and ensuring QA/QC is adhered to.

Field of expertise:

Quality surveillance which includes:

  • Review Vendors’ materials Inspection Test Plans (ITPs), Preventative Maintenance Inspection Test Plans (PMITPs) and recommend improvements
  • Monitor equipment delivery schedules and coordinate 3rd party inspectors
  • Coordinating inspections with service companies
  • Liaising with inspection companies to ensure quality of tools and paperwork is correct
  • Quality checks & certification on all rental equipment

Why I do what I do

“I enjoy working in a team environment and the challenge of ensuring that the integrity of equipment is 100% to minimize our client’s exposure to risk.”


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