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New perspectives, the right mindset and a shared vision to succeed

21 December 2020

It cannot be denied that 2020 has been a year like no other. Based in the Australian office, Eduardo Robaina, Add Energy’s Executive Vice President of Drilling and Well Engineering, guided his team through a year of highs and lows. From bushfires to Covid-19 and regionalized lockdowns, the challenges have been constant.

With a focus on strengthening relationships, entering new markets, and improving capabilities, Eduardo is eager to explore the opportunities that await Add Energy in 2021.

In this interview, which forms part of our ‘The Big Picture: leading our team into the future’ series, Eduardo takes some time to explore lessons learned during 2020 and how his team grew during a period of economic decline.


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Pause, assess, collaborate: a recipe for success during a crisis

18 December 2020

Based in Oslo, Norway, EVP Morten Haug Emilsen leads Add Energy’s global Well Control team - a group of highly experienced individuals dedicated to preventing and killing blowouts and optimizing production.

Having responded to more than 70 blowouts worldwide the last three decades, Morten and his team are used to working in uncertain, high pressure environments - and this invaluable experience helped them to survive and thrive during the global Covid-19 pandemic.

In this blog post, which forms part of our leadership interview series, Morten explores his key takeaways from the past year in business, how his team has pulled together to deliver great results for clients, and how he plans to lead his team into the new year ahead...


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Working smarter with less to maximize production and assure well control

29 October 2020 posted in Well Control and Blowout Contingency

Our team of blowout contingency experts recently attended and presented at the 2020 IADC Well Control Conference. In this blog, Martin Myrvang, Senior Engineer in Add Energy, and co-presenter at the event, shares key themes and takeaways from the event and solutions to the challenges discussed.

Common Pain Points

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5 daily habits of an effective Drilling Manager

21 October 2020 posted in General Drilling and Wells

It takes a highly motivated, dynamic and experienced individual to be a successful Drilling Manager. Not only do Drilling Managers have to ensure drilling operations are carried out in accordance with approved procedures and industry standards, but it is key for this to be completed in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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Top considerations for an effective blowout contingency plan

24 September 2020 posted in Well Control and Blowout Contingency

A well thought out blowout contingency plan (BCP) forms the foundation of rapid and effective response if an unplanned hydrocarbon release should occur.  

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How to reduce response time when the unthinkable happens

3 September 2020 posted in Well Control and Blowout Contingency

An uncontrolled hydrocarbon release is one of the worst possible scenarios that an operating facility can experience. Not only are the safety barriers compromised, exposing the asset and people to significantly more risk, but the economic, business and environmental consequences can be detrimental.

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We are Expanding our Drilling and Well Engineering Team

30 June 2020 posted in People and Business Updates

Add Energy is an international oil and gas consultancy and service provider offering solutions across the E&P value chain, to help operators enhance performance, assure integrity and unlock efficiencies in their operations.

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A closer look at the RWIS design, how it works and the benefits that can be unlocked

17 June 2020 posted in Well Control and Blowout Contingency

Drilling and extraction of hydrocarbons is a complex and risky process, and operators must have robust safety assurance and contingency measures in place to mitigate danger, efficiently respond to any incidents and reduce the personal, business and environmental impact if an uncontrolled release were to occur.

In certain regions of the world, and for some operators, regulations and internal procedures mandate that fields cannot be developed unless the operator can demonstrate that the well can be intercepted and controlled via a single relief well drilling operation, as opposed to multiple relief wells, which is usually the norm.

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Preventing a blowout while maximising flow: insights from our EVP of Well Control, Morten Haug Emilsen

5 June 2020 posted in Well Control and Blowout Contingency

Safety is always the number one priority in drilling operations, but this can often impact an operator’s ability to reach their targets and optimize future production. However, there are ways engineers can increase the efficiency of field development and maximise production, without compromising safety. 

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Relief Well Challenges and Solutions for Subsea Big-Bore Field Developments

13 May 2020 posted in Production Optimization

Production optimization with less CAPEX is an ever-growing quest for many operators. Not only are operators focused on maximizing flow rates through larger bores, but they want to achieve this with less investment.

Whilst production optimization creates significant cost benefits for a business, it is critical to note that additional risks are introduced when bigger bores are developed. These include, but are not limited to:

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