Drilling and Well Operations

Boosting production amid a cost-conscious environment

20 January 2021 posted in General Drilling and Wells

The impact of COVID-19 has resulted in many operators delaying investment into new projects and looking for opportunities to improve operating efficiencies and lowering costs for projects that are already in play.  

Production optimization is a key component to survival and assuring production remains economically viable and safe.  

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Advice for the next generation of drilling and well engineers, gained from 35 years in the oil and gas industry

12 January 2021 posted in General Drilling and Wells

The energy industry is ever-evolving. As technologies advance and new generations enter the workforce, it is important that we adapt and learn from the past in order to thrive within such a fast-paced and challenging environment.

Add Energy’s guest blogger, Geir Karlsen gives an insight into important lessons learned throughout a 35-year career in the oil and gas sector.  

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5 daily habits of an effective Drilling Manager

21 October 2020 posted in General Drilling and Wells

It takes a highly motivated, dynamic and experienced individual to be a successful Drilling Manager. Not only do Drilling Managers have to ensure drilling operations are carried out in accordance with approved procedures and industry standards, but it is key for this to be completed in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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A perspective on the Asia Pacific energy sector, with EVP of operations, Eduardo Robaina

20 January 2020 posted in General Drilling and Wells

Companies are investing more and more into innovation as the landscape of the energy industry shifts into new ways of working. Looking at the Asia Pacific area specifically, we have seen an upturn in LNG development and a requirement for more outsourced support to organisations and operators.

With Add Energy having recently developed key partnerships in this area, we spoke to Eduardo Robaina, Executive Vice President of Operations, about the innovations, achievements and future of the energy sector and Add Energy in the Asia Pacific region.

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Efficient removal of downhole debris

24 May 2016 posted in General Drilling and Wells

Add Energy enables efficient wellbore clean-up through accurate upfront modelling

The deposition of sand and solids in wellbores is a major concern for producing assets around the world. The impact is often severe for long reach horizontal wells, and small improvement in debris removal can have significant impact on the production output from the well. Our clients have been interested in upfront modelling that can support effective cleanout.

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Ensuring safe operations during start-up

19 April 2016 posted in General Drilling and Wells

Add Energy provides production readiness support for start-up of two subsea wells

add energy monitored well performance during unloading and clean-up of two recent subsea wells. The wells were equipped with smart completions and required careful manipulation when first produced to the rig. A methodology that determines safe operating limits for a range of formation heterogeneities was developed by the add energy team to assist Woodside towards their 2016 production target. Well operating envelopes, operating guidelines and bean-up procedures were handed over to Woodside to assure safe operating conditions can be maintained throughout the well lifecycle for the complex well completion. Following successful production start-up, add energy was tasked with developing a similar methodology for additional wells targeted for late 2016.

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