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Relief Well Challenges and Solutions for Subsea Big-Bore Field Developments

13 May 2020 posted in Production Optimization

Production optimization with less CAPEX is an ever-growing quest for many operators. Not only are operators focused on maximizing flow rates through larger bores, but they want to achieve this with less investment.

Whilst production optimization creates significant cost benefits for a business, it is critical to note that additional risks are introduced when bigger bores are developed. These include, but are not limited to:

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Oilfield development: unlock 4 major cost saving opportunities with this subsea hardware

29 April 2020 posted in Production Optimization

During a period of low oil price, it is even more critical to optimize costs and identify ways to meet production targets with less expenditure. 

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Add Energy Continues Exclusive Partnership with Transborders Energy to Commercialise Stranded Gas Fields

14 March 2019 posted in Production Optimization

Add Energy has been co-pursuing with Transborders Energy (Transborders) in small scale FLNG project developments since April 2017 where they have been the exclusive partner of Transborders to engineer, procure, drill, complete and operate wells for a series of their FLNG projects in Australia.

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Add Energy continues to assist LNG Operator to Optimize Production from their Mature Wells

16 December 2018 posted in Production Optimization

Add Energy has been collaborating with Australia's most experienced LNG operator for over 10 years, delivering solutions that will enable them to optimize production from their mature wells.

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Assuring safe and efficient operations in late life

29 March 2016 posted in Production Optimization

Add Energy assists Woodside in maintaining well productivity by servicing old wells

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Big bore wells boost production

15 March 2016 posted in Production Optimization

Add Energy assists in delivering completion and unloading programs for multiple wells

add energy continues to support Woodside with provision of engineering services to help deliver their dynamic 2015-2016 field development agenda. Our completion and well test engineers have been an integral part of the drilling and completions team during planning and execution of two subsea wells. Woodside is widely recognised for their big bore gas wells that enable a monumental increase in well deliverability.

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