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Harnessing “Industry 4.0” to safeguard asset integrity: Initiatives for unlocking efficiencies to protect your people, plant and processes

27 April 2021 by Add Energy

A safe asset is a reliable asset, and a reliable asset depends on sufficient equipment management strategies and risk mitigation barriers being put in place and adhered to through a systematic approach to asset management.   

AL_Photo_Peter_Adam_Internal_Desk_001 copy-1To achieve this, companies must consider harnessing technology advances. With mass redundancies and cost cutting initiatives occurring all over the world in the wake of COVID-19, a transition to utilizing and adapting to Industry 4.0 technology is more critical now than it ever has been.  

Utilizing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smart and autonomous systems to manage and control changeprocesses and people is key to the sustainability of a business but to also ensure our operations are safeefficient and profitable 

Peter Adam, Executive Vice President at Add Energy sits at the cutting edge of “Industry 4.0 through his commitment to research and development of technology and innovation initiatives designed to help safeguard asset integrity amid a cost-conscious environment. Peter was recently invited to deliver a virtual presentation at a Middle Eastern Operational Excellence conference to present his thoughts and advice on this topic to over 150 senior asset management delegates

This presentation is now available to download for free 

To gain access to insights on 

  • The common reasons why effective asset integrity management fails and the impact this has  
  • Classic symptoms that are typically linked to low efficiency across people, plant and process 
  • Leveraging master data excellence to unlock efficiencies and set “Industry 4.0” initiatives up for success  
  • Game changers and proven Industry 4.0 initiatives for asset management designed to safeguard asset integrity  
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