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How to improve plant performance and profitability through a data-driven, corporate approach to maintenance management

24 June 2021 by Add Energy

Safe, efficient, and effective asset management is dependent on an optimized maintenance and integrity management regime, built using an optimized approach and the right tools to develop structured, and quality master data. 

Getting this foundation element wrong will quickly be magnified in poor work execution, rework and extended lost production, directly impacting OPEX. 

AL_Photo_Damon_Bowler_External_003-1Dr. Damon Bowler, Vice President of Add Energy’s Asset and Integrity Management division was recently invited to speak at a Middle Eastern Operational Excellence event to discuss an ongoing global asset integrity management improvement project, which is currently in the final stages of completion.  

The goal of the project was to deliver not just maintenance data transformation from one CMMS to another, but also an optimized maintenance build across some 80 assets that reduces costs and downtime without compromising asset integrity and safety. The magnitude of this endeavor from a data perspective is huge; the number of data points involved from numerous CMMS is in the millions. 

The challenge has been how to manage the size, scale, and diversity of data in a structured and meaningful manner to deliver the project ambitions. The challenge is further complicated by the various data standards, processes, practices and cultures across numerous geographical regions and historic asset acquisitions. 

This presentation is now available to download for free.   

To gain access to insights on: 

  • Invaluable learnings and advice for others seeking to achieve business performance improvements through a similar approach  
  • How to deploy a cost-effective approach to developing your maintenance regime, designed to maximize equipment performance  
  • Fundamental maintenance build principles to help avoid future costly maintenance and inventory interventions in the future  

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