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How to save money and avoid time wastage when managing spares

22 August 2018 by Jody Lusher


Delays to maintenance and extended periods of equipment outages can often be attributed to not having the right spare part for the maintenance task to be completed on demand.

The process of part sourcing is often a frustrating period for all stakeholders involved. Issues range from the maintenance team being unable to identify which parts are required to carry out the work order, right the way through to the procurement team not having enough information to order the part required.

Fixing the Problem at Source

To fully understand why this happens, you need to identify the root cause of the extended periods of downtime which are attributed to the spare not being available. Is it simply a case of the spare not being held in stock or is there more to the story?

In our experience, it isn’t as straightforward as whether the part is in stock or not. We frequently find that the data and critical information relating to spare parts is often missing, inaccurate or incomplete which in turn, causes significant issues for the buyers during part sourcing.

Without the specification of the equipment defined and logged in the CMMS, it poses risk that the wrong part will be ordered. And if there is no information attributed to the spare, the procurement team will be unable to place the order. Both scenarios have the capacity to reduce equipment availability and result in additional expenditure and possible plant downtime.

So, What’s the Solution?

The excessive expenditure and exposure to downtime attributed to lack of spares is unnecessary and can be easily avoided by simply improving your spare part data. The question here is, if it’s that simple, then why has this not been done already?

Bill of Material (BoM) data collection and validation are, without a doubt, extremely laborious tasks which require a large amount of time, manpower and finance to complete. And with ever growing pressures to increase margins and operate in lean environments, budget holders often feel reluctant to spend money and tie up resources on data improvement projects.

So, if you can relate to these pressures and are aware that your spare part data in your CMMS is of a poor quality or incomplete, and don’t have the resources available to enrich the information, then why not let OptiBoM™ do all the hard work?

OptiBoM™ is the industry leading BoM database containing over 2 million records of spare part data. OptiBoM™ can automatically map in BoMs that are already existing in the database based on make, model and manufacture information from the CMMS. Offering a cost-effective solution to your spare part data problems.

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