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Investing in international service energy leaders, why the time is now for the State of Kuwait

4 October 2021 by Add Energy

Kuwait is a leading fossil fuels exporter with rich oil reserves buried beneath the modulating landscapes and a growing demand for energy, which is expected to triple by 2030. To ensure these demands can be met and energy diversification in the region is achieved, Kuwait targets to increase the share of renewable energy generation to 15% by 2030.

Whilst existing onshore and offshore production facilities continue to produce significant amounts of oil, new fossil fuel exploration, and production projects are emerging and initiatives to reduce the countries carbon footprint are beginning to take shape, it is critical for operating companies to remain focused on safety and integrity of the facilities that are being operated, built, and designed.

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Recognizing the increasing need for specialist solutions to support the growth of safe, efficient, and profitable energy production operations, Mishary Al-Mutawa, a well-seasoned petroleum engineer and Kuwaiti national strategically selected Add Energy as an international solutions and consultancy provider to support local operating companies achieve their objectives.

We sat down with Mishary to understand more about the market needs and why he believes now is a critical time to benefit from independent specialist support.

Why now?

“In addition to the ever-growing increase in global demand for energy, Kuwait has invested into one of the world’s largest megaprojects which encompass construction and the development of in-country infrastructure ranging from manmade islands, offices, and residential housing to travel ports and hotels.

“To fuel this demand whilst balancing the need to reduce our carbon footprint and recovering from a global pandemic, it is crucial for energy operations to be as efficient and effective as possible, without compromising safety. And this is where I believe Add Energy’s consultants are uniquely positioned to offer their valued expertise and experience in supporting the delivery of projects whilst also upskilling Kuwaiti nationals in this fast-paced growth environment.

“In the wake of the pandemic, budgets have been cut, working capacity has been reduced and projects have been put on hold. The importance of understanding where opportunities to progress projects safely and effectively with fewer resources exist has therefore increased significantly. Having access to such information and advice from a specialist independent consultancy with a bird’s eye expert view is, therefore, key to achieving our objectives.

“It is important to remember that a safe asset is a reliable and profitable asset and following deferment of critical operational work, such as planned maintenance caused by the global pandemic, many companies are experiencing heightened levels of risk associated with process safety. As Add Energy has a wealth of experience and expertise on safety integrity and risk management, this is one of the many reasons why I wanted to invest in Add Energy’s solutions and ensure the Kuwait market is well equipped to manage known and unknown risk profiles.

“And I am proud to say that Add Energy’s ability to do this has already been recognized through a recent project award from a Kuwaiti national petroleum company to deliver a technical risk and safety management system at a corporate level.”

How do you think Kuwait operators will benefit from independent specialist support?

“As we begin to see new exploration and production projects that were put on hold come back online, it is critical that Kuwaiti operators benefit from proven processes and technology to maximize production and assure safety. From a drilling and production perspective, I believe the market in Kuwait will benefit from the production optimization solutions that Add Energy’s consultants and technology can offer.

"Ranging from maximizing well flow on live production wells, to enabling operators to drill larger wellbores without compromising the ability to gain control in the event of a hydrocarbon release, I believe Add Energy will be key to unlocking production capacity across the region, in a safe and efficient manner."

Is there any new technology that you believe that companies in Kuwait can benefit from?

“In order for ongoing and upcoming projects to be efficient and profitable companies need to leverage “Industry 4.0” and harness advances in technology to revolutionize the way they operate.

“Having access to advanced automation and analytical tools to interpret “big data” is proven to help companies make informed decisions on where to focus their efforts to minimize risk and maximize the resources they have available to them. But we must remember that software is not the silver bullet, in order to make good decisions, good data needs to go in, so reliable data can come out.

“The suite of asset management software developed in partnership with industry, academia, and subject matter expert consultants at Add Energy, in collaboration with their ability to transform master data into meaningful, reliable, and accurate information is what I believe makes Add Energy so unique and will be key to supporting operators make performance-driven decisions.

AL_Image_Software_AssetVoice_Screenshot_Mockup_Updated“In particular, I believe Add Energy’s award-wining AssetVoice™ RFID asset tracking and management of change software will be a game-changer for Kuwait. Not only will this enable companies to eliminate manual and time-consuming ways of working, but it will also provide full visibility and control over asset management that is critical for business safety and profitability.

“Cost optimization is another significant benefit that I believe local companies will be able to capitalize on when it comes to drilling programs, well management, asset management, and energy transition. With extensive experience of best practice processes, techniques and frameworks, Add Energy is able to provide the insights required to help operators make decisions that will directly impact the bottom line, whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

add energy_rwis“The RWIS hardware (Relief Well Injection Spool), developed by Add Energy in partnership with Trendsetter Engineering will be key to enabling oil and gas companies to drill larger wellbores to maximize production without compromising safety or the ability to control the well effectively if an uncontrolled hydrocarbon release occurs.

“This technology and approach to business performance management has been proven by Add Energy and is another one of the key reasons they were selected as our partner of choice in Kuwait. Not only have they demonstrated this through their 15-year asset management Master Service Agreement (MSA) with Shell, but their recent feat in delivering maintenance excellence solutions to BP’s global operating units is something I envision Kuwait operators acquiring value from also.”

Where do you believe synergies exist between yourself, your family businesses, and Add Energy?

“With one of Add Energy’s main offices being based in Aberdeen, in Scotland where I began my petroleum engineering studies, and where our initial discussions began, this partnership has both sentimental and business value to me and my family.

“Kuwait has always had a very solid trade relationship with the UK, I am proud to support a relationship which has contributed to growth and development of our economy, which has been formally recognized by both Add Energy and my family’s business securing a Queen’s Awards for International Trade.

“Our core values are built on integrity, trust, and passion, and these are very well aligned to Add Energy’s behaviors, culture, and energy to deliver forward-thinking solutions in the most dynamic way possible.

“I am excited to continue our journey in the region together as one fresh, innovative, and energetic team and look forward to supporting operators achieve their performance and carbon reduction goals.”

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