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M200 Training Course: The four most asked questions

28 March 2022 by Add Energy

A deep dive into our M200 Maintenance Management course

The Add Energy Academy has been created to enhance the knowledge and skills of workforces, help teams overcome common challenges, and ultimately enable businesses operating within the energy, utility, manufacturing, renewables, marine and mining sectors to be safe, efficient and effective.

Add Energy’s M200 Maintenance Management course addresses a number of areas of maintenance management where organizations have identified particular skills gaps within their teams, including health and safety, managing threats and opportunities, and managing change.

1. What topics are covered in the M200 course?

This course covers the entire maintenance process, from design through to disposal of facilities, and it focuses on risk-based techniques and loss-elimination practices used across the world by maintenance professionals.

It includes topics such as:

  • Asset management
  • Health, safety and the environment
  • Field maintenance execution
  • Risk based methods
  • Managing information
  • Assurance
  • Managing threats and opportunities
  • Managing contractors
  • Managing change.”

2. Can you tell us about the delivery and approach to teaching?

Through interactive training, the course follows a blended approach to learning. It begins with an online induction and registration phase, which sets the scene for candidates and highlights the course expectations. We then move onto the 6-week long in-person phase.

The initial online phase ensures everyone is on the same page. We find this stage is particularly good to plug knowledge gaps amongst the group, bringing them all up to speed on the fundamental elements of maintenance. It’s not uncommon for us to have candidates from different disciplines, so naturally, there will be gaps, and for those with greater knowledge, this time acts as a good refresher.

Once the online section is complete and everyone has passed, we move on to the face-to-face delivery. At the end, each candidate will be asked to prepare and present a short 10-minute presentation to the group.”

Also to support candidates throughout, we’ve factored in 15-minute optional drop-in sessions led by myself as well as some mandatory interviews which gives delegates a chance to ask for help or raise any questions they may have.

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3. What makes this course stand out against other maintenance courses? 

Compared to other maintenance courses in the market, our M200 course is unique in that not only is it designed against international standards but we tailor the course specifically for each customer. 

This involves working with you to ensure we use current examples relevant to the cadidates’ day-to-day roles. We ask for their input at every stage which means the participants get a better understanding of how what they are learning can be applied in practice but also in real life situations. Our aim is to make the content relatable to everyone on the course.

It has also been designed to be highly interactive and engaging for participants. We want to deliver an impactful course that will be enjoyable, interesting and actionable - and remembered long after it is delivered. So it’s quite different to other courses you may have attended in the past.

4. At the end of the course, what should candidates be able to do?

The course is designed to provide candidates with the ability to:

  • Identify the main maintenance work processes that occur from start to finish and how they are applied to their own job
  • Reference back-office activities that improve maintenance of facilities in a safe and efficient manner
  • Understand the risks and consequences within the maintenance arena - apply, refer and report risk correctly as needed

Ultimately, our goal is to empower your team with specialist, comprehensive knowledge that can be easily actioned and applied in their day-to-day roles. 

The course is designed to help you upskill your maintenance team by providing a foundational level of knowledge across a wide range of skills relating to maintenance and asset management - from design through to operation of a facility.

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