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Resilience and determination: the key to rising and thriving through a pandemic

13 January 2022 by Peter Adam

2021 Headshot peter AdamPeter Adam leads Add Energy’s global Asset and Integrity Management division, and despite facing another challenging year due to the pandemic, his team was determined to not only ensure the business survived, but thrived.

In this blog post, which forms part of our ‘The Big Picture: leading our team into the future’ series, Peter reflects on the past 12 months, predicts exciting opportunities that will come to fruition in 2022, and shares insights into what his team is striving to achieve this year…

2021 reflection:

How would you sum up the past 12 months in business?

“There is no denying that 2021 has been a challenging year due to the hangover from the initial impact and uncertainty that Covid-19 caused in 2020. For both Add Energy and our clients, the challenge has been trying to do more with less. With redundancy processes and operational setbacks, everything has been delayed and we have seen the traction on improvement projects and initiatives slow down because companies don’t have the bandwidth for them right now with their reduced support infrastructure.

“We have, however, begun to see some positivity coming out of the pandemic and from our second year of working from home. Being unable to travel has allowed us to lower costs for our clients and reduce our carbon footprint. We have also invested heavily in the development of our cloud-based software solutions that help us collaborate and deliver operational excellence for our clients across the globe reducing the need to travel.”

How would you describe the past year in 1 sentence?

“A challenging year full of opportunity.

“While companies stick with reduced, streamlined workforces, they need to supplement skills and experience gaps with consultants and contractors - not only to conduct work as and when required, but provide themselves with a greater deal of flexibility. As this is an area that Add Energy specializes in, this provides a great deal of opportunity for us.”

What do you believe were the biggest opportunities that arose over the course of 2021?

“The biggest opportunity for us this year was working on our international partnerships and frame agreements with both clients and local representatives and partnering companies. We have diversified into both the marine sector and the renewables sector, which gives us a much broader client base in terms of services, geography, and markets, which is very exciting and important for us.

“After many years of working on our software development, we have seen an acceleration in our sales lifecycle with the official launch of EffioTM and the continued growth of AssetVoiceTM. EffioTM is a cutting-edge digital solution for collaborative master data build and optimization software that has been very well received in the market and also makes it easier for us to work remotely with clients, and enable them to sustain using the software themselves. AssetVoiceTM has continued to gain traction with our clients, utilizing RFID technology and sensors to monitor, track and manage mobile and critical assets, allowing our clients to optimize their workflows.”

What do you believe was the key to your success?

“I am extremely proud of the resilience that our team has shown by facing the past 12 months head-on and continuing to provide high-quality work to our clients throughout. I think resilience comes from team spirit and the determination to see the business survive. We ultimately wanted to come out of this year stronger, and we are now seeing the company moving back into growth.

“Throughout 2021, I feel we learned a lot about human behavior - we can adapt and overcome. Our team has been tested and not found wanting, showing their resilience and determination. I am extremely proud that we have come out stronger again.”

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2022 outlook:

What opportunities do you think the energy sector will have in 2022?

“I think the direction of the energy transition will become clearer in 2022. As the increasing implementation of digitalization helps to reduce carbon footprint and the shortage of resources, I believe we will begin to see a redistribution of investment in energy with a push towards renewables within the western world, and continuation in hydrocarbon energy in the Middle East and Far East, fuelling the energy transition in a longer cycle.

“I also believe we will see a great demand for training and competence services as companies across all sectors learn to navigate and support a diminished workforce. This will be a great opportunity for Add Energy to provide manpower support, consulting, and training.”

What are you aiming to achieve as a team in 2022?

“We have a lot to be excited about as a company moving into the new year. 2021 was a challenging year for us due to the deferral of work, but ultimately we come out of this stronger.

“Having seen great success with the Canada office launching pre-Covid, and great collaboration between the UK, US, Australia and Norway offices to deliver combined services to our clients throughout the Drilling and Wells and Asset and Integrity Management (AIM) divisions, we hope to continue to further our globalization in 2022.

“We will also shortly be announcing one of our most important contract wins in the Middle East to date - a historic and significant project we are excited to get started with. This is a fantastic start to the new year.

“2022 will also see us ramping up our recruitment in line with significant projects kicking off, and the opening of a new office in the UK - which will tie in with a fascinating research and development project around digital asset management.”

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