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RFID Tracking Software, AssetVoice™ Receives Award of Excellence

29 June 2020 by Add Energy

To help companies efficiently monitor, track and analyse assets; Add Energy, the University of Salford and Innovate UK collaborated on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to develop an integrated solution using RFID hardware and IoT technologies. AssetVoice™ captures and manages any changes of components, throughout their lifecycle and in real time by utilising RFID tags, sensor technologies and cloud computing to automate the change management process in a simple, user-friendly, and fully customisable manner. 


The software was recently awarded a “Certificate of Excellence”, achieving an “Outstanding Grade” from the British innovation and government organisation, “Innovate UK”, for the ability to provide a credible solution to a known challenge, for the level of innovation built into the solution, and the economic impact that the tool will have for businesses across the globe. 

The Unique Development Process of AssetVoice™

To maximise the impact and success of the software, Add Energy partnered with the University of Salford and Innovate UK on a KTP. A programme that is designed to transfer knowledge between industry and knowledge bases, which in this case was academia; with the University of Salford - a prestigious software development hub in the UK. 

In our 15 years of delivering asset management solutions to the energy industry and beyond, the team at Add Energy witnessed common challenges associated with management of change in an operating environment. And as a consultants offering solutions to challenges, we decided to invest into the creation of a solution that would eliminate the issues associated with poor management of change, to help companies be more productive, reduce operational expenditure and continually improve. 

The University of Salford contributed in two main areas: the development process and the internal structuring of the AssetVoice™ software. The University has developed an agile software development process which is used for product innovation, which has been applied to multiple applications, including some of Add Energy’s existing software.

AL_Photo_Julian_BassJulian Bass, Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering at the University of Salford commented on the recent successes: “It is unusual for Innovate UK to give a top rating to Knowledge Transfer Partnerships. Considering this is the second award for Add Energy and the University of Salford that we have won in a row, this achievement is fantastic recognition of our ability to turn Add Energy’s vision into the tangible AssetVoice™ product. 

“In particular, I am very proud of Amr, a University of Salford graduate and developer of AssetVoice™, who has been able to apply the skills he has learned from us into making this wonderful new product.”

AL_Photo_Amr_Mohallel Amr Mohallel, Software Engineer at Add Energy, also commented on the achievement: “On a professional level, this is an amazing achievement. This was the first full time job I had after graduation and I am proud to be part of this success at such a young age. 

“I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by brilliant people who had given me all the technical and emotional support I needed to commercialise the idea into a solution that has the capacity to revolutionise the way companies track and manage equipment, and for that, I am very grateful and honoured.”

About AssetVoice™

AL_Image_Software_AssetVoice_Screenshot_Mockup_v3 (1)AssetVoice™ enables assets to be self-aware using RFID technology, IoT sensors and cloud services. It offers a central and reliable location for asset lifecycle data with less reliance on human intervention. While this process of monitoring, tracking and analysing data has traditionally been carried out manually, our fully integrated, digital solution offers a more efficient and cost-effective alternative. And due to its flexibility it can be used by any business that needs to tag and track assets, or people accurately - regardless of sector - whether that asset is medical equipment in a hospital, valves on offshore equipment or pumps on a garage forecourt.

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