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Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2019: a look back with rianne gorman

8 March 2019 by Alex Sherman

To celebrate Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2019, we are taking a look back with one of our employees, Rianne Gorman, who recently completed her apprenticeship in Digital Application Support and is now a fully-fledged and qualified member of the team!


Here is what she had to say about her whole apprenticeship experience: 

I left secondary education in 2017 to study at University. Quickly realising that University was not right for me, I then started to look for an opportunity to enter the work place where I could continue my learning and gain valuable on the job experience. When my old school hosted a careers fayre in January, I thought it was a good opportunity to try and find work. I went along and met Cammach Recruitment. They chatted to me about what I wanted to do and took my CV – they were in touch quite a bit over the next few weeks, updating me on opportunities they thought I would be interested in. One of their clients Add Energy, who had an opportunity for a Digital Application Support apprenticeship, invited me to interview and they offered me the apprenticeship straight afterwards!

At the beginning, I was nervous to start academics again or try something new, having been out of education for almost a year. However, once I started to complete units and get feedback from my Tutor, I started to fly through.

I met with my Tutor every 6-8 weeks to go over completed units and assign the next unit’s deadlines. I attended 3 external courses where I learned everything from coding a website from scratch, to administrating a computer system. Every single unit that I completed, and every course that I went on were all SQA courses, meaning that they too were nationally recognised achievements in their own right. All units and courses put together resulted in my Diploma. Most of the self-study and units had to be completed outside of work, as I was usually busy during work hours, however I usually had two afternoons a week allocated to catch up on anything I still had to do for the course that week.

The support I received from Colleagues and Managers was great. I was given time off of my usual schedule to attend external Courses to gain necessary credits as well as help from others who knew about the topic I was studying.

I am so glad I did it. The Apprenticeship programme has given me the skills, knowledge and qualifications to help me continue to progress up the Career Ladder.

I would definitely recommend going through an Apprenticeship programme to others. You get to gain an officially recognised qualification, whilst receiving on-the-job experience/skills and earning at the same time. Earn while you Learn!

On Rianne’s progress, her line manager Stuart Murray, Technical Manager at Add Energy said: “Rianne has proven time and time again that she is an extremely capable person and has consistently excelled in every piece of work she has been given.  During some organisational changes, Rianne was still an apprentice with no mentor or direct supervision and worked hard to ensure that the needs of the business were still met to an exceptionally high standard. She goes above and beyond in every task, including her course work, which she completed months ahead of schedule.  Rianne is wise beyond her years, always has a positive outlook and a smile on her face, she is huge credit to herself and to Add Energy.  I look forward to seeing her continue to grow from strength to strength.”

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