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Striving for a more digitized and decarbonized future: insights into 2022 from Add Energy’s CEO

13 January 2022 by Ole Rygg

2021 Headshot_Ole B. Rygg Despite the pandemic still disrupting our lives throughout 2021, businesses across the energy sector are continuing to adapt and accomplish great things - perhaps more collaboratively and efficiently than ever before.

With major opportunities present in energy transition and digital transformation, and a glimmer of hope that the challenges caused by the pandemic will well and truly be behind us, 2022 is set to be a pivotal year for many - filled with growth, connection and innovation.

Ole Rygg, CEO of Add Energy, has taken time to reflect on the past 12 months in business, and shares insights, predictions and hopes for what is to come for the energy sector and Add Energy in 2022…

2021 reflection:

How would you sum up the past 12 months in business?

“2021 was a dynamic year, and more challenging than originally expected. This was primarily due to a reduction in staff across all our clients’ organizations, which subsequently influenced the ability to move forward with projects.

“However, there was definitely positivity within Add Energy last year. Our focus on digitization and software development has significantly increased, largely driven by the challenges posed by remote working, and the need for increased efficiencies across the energy sector. Software unlocks our clients’ ability to automate simple tasks, which speeds up processes and optimizes resources.

“Our company continued our work within the energy transition space, with our teams across the globe working on exciting green projects. The whole energy sector is being challenged to adapt and change to make rapid decarbonization progress, and this is an area we are very passionate about and will continue to grow in 2022 and beyond.”

What were the biggest highlights for the company this year?

“There were several major highlights for me, but the launch of our EffioTM software is definitely at the top of the list. This is a collaborative master data build and optimization software that is designed to save time and costs, and we have seen great success in the marketplace already which is extremely encouraging.

“We also developed new e-learning courses through our own training platform, The Add Energy Academy. This is in its infancy at present, but we have big plans to grow this resource in 2022, to support our clients across the globe in developing their workforce, plugging skills gaps, and enhancing the competencies of their teams to ultimately deliver even better work.

“I’m also proud of our activity in Canada in particular. The growth we’ve seen in this part of the world since launching our new office in 2021 has been fantastic.”

What was the key to Add Energy’s success in 2021?

“The way that our people were willing to adapt to a different way of working. This is similar to 2020, but this was even more important in 2021 - as unfortunately we continued to operate through the challenges of a global pandemic.

“Despite working remotely the majority of the time, with limited travel opportunities, we definitely had more interactions globally with not only our internal teams, but our clients too.

“Technology and willingness to adapt has actually enabled us to have more face-to-face interactions than ever before, enhancing our relationships and making communication much more efficient. Prior to the pandemic, we perhaps believed we had to be together in person to have this style of communication, travel nationally or internationally, and often have much longer sessions than required.

“Many people say we are disconnected after the pandemic, but I believe we are more connected than ever - and this presents a huge opportunity for businesses.”

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2022 outlook:

What opportunities are you excited about this year?

“We still need to produce energy, and we’ll see continued activity in this space. However we also see significant opportunities with energy transition - carbon capture and storage, geothermal energy, and so on. The oil and gas industry as a whole can transition and adapt competencies and technology into other ways of generating energy - it will be challenging, but being part of that journey is so exciting.

“There is a misunderstanding in our society that a new industry is starting, and the oil and gas industry is coming to an end. But the most logical, quicker and more natural way to make meaningful progress in the energy transition space is to harness the decades of knowledge, experience and competencies within the oil and gas industry, and the processes and technology already developed, adapting and transitioning all of this to make a great impact.

What are Add Energy’s goals for 2022?

“We want to increase our market share in the sectors we’re currently operating within, and I believe there are many opportunities to do this, particularly in Canada, where we have already seen success since launching our office, but also in newer areas for us, such as the Middle East and Far East, where we've been located in smaller areas, but could move into neighboring locations and expand our business.

“We will continue to increase our energy transition products and services, moving more into the CCS and geothermal space. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to utilize and build upon our existing competencies in-house.

“Software will also be a focus for Add Energy, driving forward our ambitious and exciting plans and excelling the growth of our existing suite of technology. This will see us expand into new sectors and new geographies, which is very exciting.”

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