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5 undeniable benefits of outsourcing your CMMS build

21 April 2021 posted in CMMS Data Building

Safe, efficient and effective asset management is dependent on an optimized maintenance and integrity management regime, built upon reliable, structured and quality master data. 

For any new or operational plant, the CMMS build is a crucial requirement that will lay the foundation for managing the maintenance, integrity and reliability of the plant through its operational life-cycle. Getting this foundation element wrong will quickly be magnified in poor work execution, rework and extended lost production, directly impacting OPEX.  

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How to de-risk “Master Data Migration and Transfer” programs

9 April 2021 posted in CMMS Data Building

When a company embarks on a business merger or acquisition of a facility or multiple facilities, there are several critical success factors for assuring the process is implemented as seamlessly, morally, and efficiently as possible.

The CMMS, EAM or ERP sits at the heart of safe, effective, and efficient management of a facility, therefore the migration of the maintenance, materials and integrity data to a single, common platform can be critical to the success of a merger or acquisition.

In this blog, Andy Bell – a data migration expert from Add Energy, discusses common challenges associated with data migration, the risks and potential impact this can have on a business when it goes wrong and solutions to consider for setting a data migration project up for success.

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A data driven journey to maintenance excellence: how we saved $46.5M of annual maintenance expenditure

6 April 2021 posted in Maintenance Optimization, Spares, Inventory Management Optimization, CMMS Data Building

It is a known fact that planned preventative maintenance is significantly more cost-effective than breakdown maintenance or replacing expensive parts. For many companies, preventative maintenance is seen as an investment - one that must be carefully balanced, planned, and scheduled to reap the economic and safety benefits so that the return on investment (ROI) can be realized. 

Without a meticulously planned preventative maintenance management regime, companies are subject to increased risk of equipment failure, loss of production, and excessive maintenance costs.

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How RFID tagging can benefit Logistics Managers

10 March 2021 posted in Maintenance Optimization, Inventory Management Optimization, CMMS Data Building, RFID Asset Tracking - AssetVoice

Logistics Managers can significantly reduce risks and unlock major efficiencies by deploying RFID tagging across key equipment. Having instant access to accurate, reliable information provided by unique identification tags can help you to protect the value of your plant or company, identify cost and resource saving opportunities, and minimize risk.

At a base level, RFID tagging allows you to very easily know what is what. It gives your equipment a digital identity, and allows you to associate detailed information with that identity - such as where it’s been, its current location, its service history, its cost, its maintenance, and much more - so that strategic decisions can be made with confidence.

In this blog post, we explore the key benefits RFID tagging can bring to Logistics Managers…

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Real-life accounts: Demonstrating the importance of accurate CMMS data for safe, efficient and effective maintenance management

16 February 2021 posted in Maintenance Optimization, CMMS Data Building

David Logie recently joined the Add Energy team as an Engineer within our Asset and Integrity Management division. With a background in mechanical maintenance in the energy sector, we wanted to chat with David to learn about the challenges he faced working within a fast-paced maintenance environment, and uncover his lessons learned and tips for ensuring maintenance is conducted as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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A Step-by-step guide to a CMMS build with Add Energy

2 September 2020 posted in CMMS Data Building

Having an effective computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is vital for running a facility successfully, allowing the maintenance of equipment and assets to be more proactive as opposed to reactive. 

All decisions should be made based on accurate, reliable data - but for many companies, data within the CMMS is inaccurate or missing altogether. This can cause significant knock-on issues, for example high levels of backlog or conducting more corrective maintenance than preventative, which could be easily avoided.

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5 indicators of an inefficient CMMS and how to overcome them

22 July 2020 posted in CMMS Data Building

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a critical element to efficient maintenance management. It is used to help meet production demands, reduce OPEX costs, increase profits, and minimize risk of incidents. In particular, an effective CMMS can provide better management and control of: 

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How to save time and money whilst verifying assets and collecting key data

22 June 2020 posted in CMMS Data Building

After 15 years of working with companies to help build asset registers and develop maintenance management programs, our team has identified a trend of inaccurate and missing asset register data, which can cause significant issues for an operating facility. Without good quality and fully populated base data, assets run the risk of: 

  • Equipment failing due to no maintenance being assigned or executed 
  • Spare parts being unavailable due to no visibility on what is required 
  • No assurance that the integrity of the equipment is being managed, which could result in an incident

Add Energy’s Maintenance Engineer, Trent Cooper, has witnessed this issue first-hand. In this blog post, he outlines the importance of plugging data gaps in your asset register, the challenges associated with traditional data collection methods, as well as a new digital way to streamline data collection and verification from source. 

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How to save money and reduce risk with limited budget and resources

20 May 2020 posted in CMMS Data Building

Poor data quality and lack of completeness can have significant impacts on OPEX costs, safety and asset uptime. In relation to the financial  impacts, IBM estimates that  “bad data” costs the US economy a staggering $3.1 trillion per year. 

In almost every case of an incident on an operating asset which results in equipment downtime, production loss, personnel injuries/fatalities or environmental impacts, the cause can be linked back to an issue within the data available.

Particularly, for production assets, poor Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) data can incur:

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5 tips for Maintenance Managers who want to reduce OPEX expenditure

3 July 2019 posted in CMMS Data Building

Planned maintenance (PM) is critical for equipment to function as per its design criteria. Not only will planned maintenance regimes reduce the likelihood of failure, but when it is applied correctly, at the right frequency, this maintenance can significantly reduce OPEX expenditure. 

As consultants, we often see generic planned maintenance strategies that are not fit for purpose, being applied across asset equipment. This results in inefficient and ineffective maintenance being executed, which wastes time, money and can also induce failure.

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