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A Step-by-step guide to a CMMS build with Add Energy

2 September 2020 posted in CMMS Data Building

Having an effective computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) is vital for running a facility successfully, allowing the maintenance of equipment and assets to be more proactive as opposed to reactive. 

All decisions should be made based on accurate, reliable data - but for many companies, data within the CMMS is inaccurate or missing altogether. This can cause significant knock-on issues, for example high levels of backlog or conducting more corrective maintenance than preventative, which could be easily avoided.

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5 indicators of an inefficient CMMS and how to overcome them

22 July 2020 posted in CMMS Data Building

A computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) is a critical element to efficient maintenance management. It is used to help meet production demands, reduce OPEX costs, increase profits, and minimize risk of incidents. In particular, an effective CMMS can provide better management and control of: 

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How to save time and money whilst verifying assets and collecting key data

22 June 2020 posted in CMMS Data Building

After 15 years of working with companies to help build asset registers and develop maintenance management programs, our team has identified a trend of inaccurate and missing asset register data, which can cause significant issues for an operating facility. Without good quality and fully populated base data, assets run the risk of: 

  • Equipment failing due to no maintenance being assigned or executed 
  • Spare parts being unavailable due to no visibility on what is required 
  • No assurance that the integrity of the equipment is being managed, which could result in an incident

Add Energy’s Maintenance Engineer, Trent Cooper, has witnessed this issue first-hand. In this blog post, he outlines the importance of plugging data gaps in your asset register, the challenges associated with traditional data collection methods, as well as a new digital way to streamline data collection and verification from source. 

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How to save money and reduce risk with limited budget and resources

20 May 2020 posted in CMMS Data Building

Poor data quality and lack of completeness can have significant impacts on OPEX costs, safety and asset uptime. In relation to the financial  impacts, IBM estimates that  “bad data” costs the US economy a staggering $3.1 trillion per year. 

In almost every case of an incident on an operating asset which results in equipment downtime, production loss, personnel injuries/fatalities or environmental impacts, the cause can be linked back to an issue within the data available.

Particularly, for production assets, poor Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) data can incur:

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5 tips for Maintenance Managers who want to reduce OPEX expenditure

3 July 2019 posted in CMMS Data Building

Planned maintenance (PM) is critical for equipment to function as per its design criteria. Not only will planned maintenance regimes reduce the likelihood of failure, but when it is applied correctly, at the right frequency, this maintenance can significantly reduce OPEX expenditure. 

As consultants, we often see generic planned maintenance strategies that are not fit for purpose, being applied across asset equipment. This results in inefficient and ineffective maintenance being executed, which wastes time, money and can also induce failure.

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The top 3 issues caused by a poor asset register, and how to overcome them

5 April 2019 posted in CMMS Data Building

A company’s asset register is incredibly important, but it’s often an overlooked source of data when considering the opportunities to optimise the efficiency of a facility.

In this blog post, we share common issues that result from a poor asset register, and provide actionable advice on how to overcome them in your own business.

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5 Top Tips on How to Build and Maintain a Fit-For-Purpose CMMS

31 January 2019 posted in CMMS Data Building

A fit-for-purpose Computerized Maintenance Management System, or a CMMS, has the potential to bring a multitude of benefits to your business:

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Do you have assurance that your Ex equipment is being maintained?

26 June 2018 posted in CMMS Data Building

 It is vital that your Ex equipment is maintained to mitigate risk and assure reliability. Having a fully populated and up to date asset register is a critical milestone in the achievement of this. If equipment is not captured in the asset register, maintenance and spares cannot be assigned, which in turn exposes operating assets to the risk of equipment failure, unknown safety integrity and possible loss of life.

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Using CMMS data as a business case for optimisation

8 January 2018 posted in CMMS Data Building

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