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A data driven journey to maintenance excellence: how we saved $46.5M of annual maintenance expenditure

6 April 2021 posted in Maintenance Optimization, Spares, Inventory Management Optimization, CMMS Data Building

It is a known fact that planned preventative maintenance is significantly more cost-effective than breakdown maintenance or replacing expensive parts. For many companies, preventative maintenance is seen as an investment - one that must be carefully balanced, planned, and scheduled to reap the economic and safety benefits so that the return on investment (ROI) can be realized. 

Without a meticulously planned preventative maintenance management regime, companies are subject to increased risk of equipment failure, loss of production, and excessive maintenance costs.

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How RFID tagging can benefit Logistics Managers

10 March 2021 posted in Maintenance Optimization, Inventory Management Optimization, CMMS Data Building, RFID Asset Tracking - AssetVoice

Logistics Managers can significantly reduce risks and unlock major efficiencies by deploying RFID tagging across key equipment. Having instant access to accurate, reliable information provided by unique identification tags can help you to protect the value of your plant or company, identify cost and resource saving opportunities, and minimize risk.

At a base level, RFID tagging allows you to very easily know what is what. It gives your equipment a digital identity, and allows you to associate detailed information with that identity - such as where it’s been, its current location, its service history, its cost, its maintenance, and much more - so that strategic decisions can be made with confidence.

In this blog post, we explore the key benefits RFID tagging can bring to Logistics Managers…

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Inventory management: a goldmine for unlocking opportunities to save money

8 March 2021 posted in Inventory Management Optimization

To mitigate risk of downtime, assure profitability and the safety integrity of an operating facility, regardless of the sector you are operating in, it is crucial to strike the perfect balance between holding enough spares to mitigate risk whilst minimizing expenditure.

From an inventory management and maintenance perspective, efficiently and cost effectively procuring the right equipment, at the right time for maintenance to commence without delay is fundamental for achieving asset performance goals, and is one of the biggest challenges that operating facilities face during day to day operations.

In our experience, the root cause of this usually stems from the quality and completeness of the data within the CMMS, or lack of it. A lack of standardization, missing information, wrong information and poorly linked data sets are some of the typical contributors to costly and inefficient spare part management.

Reeve Watt, Senior Consultant at Add Energy works directly with Maintenance and Supply Chain stakeholders to help operating facilities overcome these challenges. In this blog post, Reeve discusses proven solutions that can be efficiently deployed to optimize inventory management amid a cost conscious environment.

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How to overcome the biggest challenges faced by Materials Management teams

21 May 2020 posted in Inventory Management Optimization

The role of materials specialists can be challenging, especially when trying to strike the perfect balance between not only ensuring you have the inventory required to keep operations running smoothly, but also that costs and processes are continually being optimized.

Iain Wood, Add Energy’s Materials Manager, has shared the biggest challenges he has identified during his 35 years of working in the materials space, and provides actionable advice for overcoming or mitigating against them...

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Insights from Add Energy’s Materials Management Specialist in Calgary

5 May 2020 posted in Inventory Management Optimization

Tony Hamilton recently joined the Add Energy team as Materials Management Project Manager, based in the newly opened Calgary office. With a strong background in materials management, gained during his 13 years working at Shell, Tony will bring a wealth of knowledge and insights to the team, to help clients optimize costs and improve performance. 

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A simple guide to optimising your spare parts management

12 March 2020 posted in Inventory Management Optimization

Problems around managing spare parts are common, complex and expensive for many organisations. The inability to source spare parts quickly and efficiently when required can result in expensive downtime, and potentially hazardous situations, meaning that it is imperative to optimise the management of your spare parts.


The issues around spare part management have been a common theme encountered by our team during numerous asset management projects, with such issues ranging from lack of visibility of the inventory, to not knowing which spares are critical to stock, or not to stock.

As experts in enhancing our clients' materials management processes, this article shares our advice and details 5 key considerations that could help you to reduce downtime, overspending, time wastage and hazardous situations.

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4 tips for improving your preservation maintenance and avoiding costly shutdowns

19 February 2020 posted in Inventory Management Optimization

Ensuring spare parts are fit for purpose is incredibly important, as it enables operations to run smoothly, minimizes production inefficiencies, and eliminates wasted time and money. Yet this is often neglected and proves costly for so many companies across the world.

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3 Quick Wins for Enriching your Spares Inventory

9 July 2019 posted in Inventory Management Optimization

Operating assets should have constant visibility on what equipment is held in stock, and confidence that the information in their inventory list is up to date and accurate in order to adhere to a streamlined and cost effective maintenance management regime.

However, this isn’t always possible. During day-to-day operations, the spares inventory is subject to rapid change, and when this change is not managed and maintained correctly, it can lead to unnecessary expenditure.

This can be caused by purchasing and storing parts that may already be in the warehouse, delayed access to critical spares and wasting time searching for parts that are unavailable. All of this can lead to increased risk of equipment outage or extended periods of downtime.

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How to determine equipment criticality to save money and reduce your maintenance backlog

5 December 2018 posted in Inventory Management Optimization

Maintaining an asset is no easy feat. Backlog can often be the norm and firefighting can trump forward planning.

One of the problems we see time and time again is the over- or under-maintenance of equipment. And this can lead to big challenges, including overspending on unnecessary maintenance, costly downtime due to equipment failure, a growing backlog of maintenance tasks, and more.

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Managing obsolescence: Q&A with Jody Lusher, Add Energy

23 October 2018 posted in Inventory Management Optimization

Generally, the supply chain operates only one way - directing traffic of items into inventory and then into the hands of the user. Very few companies have put much thought into the processes for reversing the flow of removing obsolete items from the inventory and disposal. Yet this task is fundamental to effectively managing your spare parts.

We caught up with Jody Lusher, Operations Manager at Add Energy and asked him how to best avoid and manage obsolescence. 

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