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Harnessing proven training solutions to enhance skill and ability within your maintenance and reliability workforce

21 July 2021 posted in Maintenance Optimization, Training, Training and Development

Training is often one of the first budgets to be sacrificed during corporate cost-cutting initiatives, and although it will deliver immediate cost reduction results, a lack of investment in this area is proven to lead to increased risk and spend later on.

To hold on to training budgets, or obtain new training budgets amid a cost-conscious environment it is important to correctly identify and prioritize training programs based on the perceived risk of not providing adequate competency assurance initiatives.

Last month, Add Energy’s Afia McClenaghan hosted a panel discussion with senior asset management professionals on how to drive performance and optimize costs through upskilling initiatives.

During the event, leaders from international energy producers including Canlin Energy, BP and Keyera Corporation discussed real-life challenges relating to this topic and shared proven tactics they would recommend for unlocking the potential of your maintenance and reliability workforce.

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How to improve plant performance and profitability through a data-driven, corporate approach to maintenance management

24 June 2021 posted in Maintenance Optimization, Inventory Management Optimization, CMMS Data Building, Safety integrity and risk

Safe, efficient, and effective asset management is dependent on an optimized maintenance and integrity management regime, built using an optimized approach and the right tools to develop structured, and quality master data. 

Getting this foundation element wrong will quickly be magnified in poor work execution, rework and extended lost production, directly impacting OPEX. 

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Achieving safety integrity assurance and performance excellence through a data-driven maintenance improvement project

14 June 2021 posted in Asset Integrity, Maintenance Optimization, Inventory Management Optimization

A high performing plant is one that is safe, efficient, reliable, and profitable and there are many critical success factors that come into play when it comes to striving for excellence.

The philosophies cascading into the management systems and processes influences all 4 elements of what it takes to be a high performer. Without a meticulously designed and executed CMMS resulting from this, plants are subject to increased risk of equipment failure, loss of production, and excessive maintenance costs – which will directly impact the safety integrity and performance of the plant.

To truly optimize a plant’s maintenance and materials regime and unlock the associated benefits that come with it, it is key to build this regime using reliable, structured, and quality master data. Realizing the need to have this in place, Add Energy were contracted by an international energy company to deliver a global maintenance optimization project where we were tasked with enriching the CMMS data and optimizing the maintenance management regime, and associated spare parts in excess of 1.3 million equipment tags.

The challenge

To assure the right level of preventative and predictive maintenance and inspection, on the right equipment, was being done with the right materials, at the right time – no more, no less. Achieved through:

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6 ways to save time and money in materials and spare part management, using your CMMS

25 May 2021 posted in Maintenance Optimization, Inventory Management Optimization, CMMS Data Building, Asset Management Strategy

The computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a vital tool for achieving effective and efficient maintenance and materials management. Having good quality, accurate and structured master data linked to functional locations and maintainable items within the asset register enables maintenance and materials management to be cost-effective and highly productive. 

In this blog post, our team of experienced materials and spares management experts share top tips on how to get the most out of your CMMS to unlock efficiency gains…

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How to drive performance and optimize costs by unlocking the potential of your maintenance and reliability workforce

21 May 2021 posted in Maintenance Optimization, Training and Development

Unlocking the potential of your maintenance and reliability workforce through competency improvement programs is proven to minimize exposure to risk, boost company performance and optimize costs.

This year, Add Energy’s Country Manager for Canada, Afia McClenaghan has been invited to lead a panel discussion on this topic at the Operational Excellence in Energy, Chemicals and Resources summit, starting on June 1st, 2021.

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Overcoming common challenges associated with aging plants

18 May 2021 posted in Maintenance Optimization, Inventory Management Optimization, CMMS Data Building, Asset Management Strategy

An aging plant is one that has typically been operating over several decades and is likely to have gone through significant changes, ranging from modifications to expansions and design changes. As the asset gets older, there are several challenges that will inevitably arise, such as over or under maintained equipment, difficulties purchasing spare parts or changes in operating conditions that can lead to corrosion, erosion, mechanical damage, and other late life degraded failures. 

Danny McGowan, Operations Manager at Add Energy, has 30+ years' experience in the oil and gas industry and has worked on asset management and process safety improvements projects for several aging assets throughout his career. In this blog post Danny discusses the top common challenges associated with aging assets and provides helpful tips on how to overcome them. 

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3 fundamental processes guaranteed to unlock maintenance efficiencies and ensure plant reliability

13 May 2021 posted in Maintenance Optimization, CMMS Data Building

An operating plant is subject to significant changes throughout its lifecycle, ranging from new owners to plant upgrades, design changes and expansions. When these changes are not managed correctly this can incur exposure to safety issues, downtime and unnecessary costs. 

The updating of condition changes must be reflected in the master data that resides in the CMMS or EAM to minimize these risks or what once felt like a well oiled machine for managing the plant maintenance will rapidly deteriorate.

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Key considerations for setting optimal min/max inventory stock levels to assure productivity and profitability

10 May 2021 posted in Maintenance Optimization, Inventory Management Optimization, CMMS Data Building

Efficient inventory and spare part management is a fundamental requirement for achieving business performance goals and mitigating risk.

And unfortunately for us, a crystal ball for pinpointing exactly when you will need a spare part does not exist for helping to decide which spares should be kept in stock, how many you should hold and where they should be located. But what we can do to help inform stocking decisions is assess the factors that are directly linked to accessing the spare part you need. This should include data and information relating to the risk profile, lead times, storage costs, costs of loss and demand rates.

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5 Daily habits of an effective Maintenance Manager

8 April 2021 posted in Maintenance Optimization

Being a Maintenance Manager can be a very rewarding job, but it can also come with huge challenges and pressures around effective management of costs, time, safety, efficiencies and much more.

At Add Energy, we understand the highs and lows you face with maintenance management. In this blog, we have combined some top tips for becoming an even more effective Maintenance Manager, despite the challenging environment you work in...

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A data driven journey to maintenance excellence: how we saved $46.5M of annual maintenance expenditure

6 April 2021 posted in Maintenance Optimization, Spares, Inventory Management Optimization, CMMS Data Building

It is a known fact that planned preventative maintenance is significantly more cost-effective than breakdown maintenance or replacing expensive parts. For many companies, preventative maintenance is seen as an investment - one that must be carefully balanced, planned, and scheduled to reap the economic and safety benefits so that the return on investment (ROI) can be realized. 

Without a meticulously planned preventative maintenance management regime, companies are subject to increased risk of equipment failure, loss of production, and excessive maintenance costs.

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