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How to overcome 7 common frustrations faced by Maintenance Managers

6 October 2020 posted in Maintenance Optimization

Being a Maintenance Manager can be a very rewarding, yet challenging role. A Maintenance Manager is typically accountable for ensuring maintenance is executed correctly, on time and within budget to assure the safety and integrity of the facility, and that uptime and reliability targets are achieved. 

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5 tips for preventing unplanned downtime

24 July 2020 posted in Maintenance Optimization

The biggest enemy of maintenance and reliability is unplanned downtime. While planned downtime is inevitable when managing a plant, unplanned downtime is often one of the largest challenges and expenses.

When production has to cease unexpectedly because of a broken part or safety issue, time needs to be urgently spent to identify the problem, fix it, and ensure there are no ancillary issues before restarting. This is highly disruptive and costly, and maintenance teams are therefore always striving to avoid unexpected failures or breakdowns. 

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A 5 step process for improving your asset performance

7 July 2020 posted in Maintenance Optimization

Continual review of your maintenance program and process is a vital practice for maintenance teams - enabling them to optimize expenditure, unlock efficiencies and enhance safety.  At Add Energy we help companies do this through our benchmarking projects, which set our clients on a path to maintenance excellence, based on industry best practice and our experience of analysing over 1,000 assets worldwide.

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How Routing your maintenance can maximise efficiency, productivity and safety

26 May 2020 posted in Maintenance Optimization

Routing maintenance is a beneficial practice for maintenance teams, allowing them to maximize efficiency, productivity and safety by grouping smaller jobs together.  

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Optimize maintenance expenditure with Aim-Hi™'s newly launched features

13 May 2020 posted in Maintenance Optimization

A powerful maintenance strategy benchmarking feature has been added to Add Energy's Aim-Hi™ software, to enable maintenance teams to uncover significant cost saving and optimization opportunities.

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How to optimize your maintenance with sequencing

12 May 2020 posted in Maintenance Optimization

When it comes to maintenance management, sequencing allows teams to develop a synchronised schedule for multiple jobs for one equipment, which improves efficiency and productivity of the plant as a result.

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5 tips to effectively “package maintenance” to unlock efficiencies

7 May 2020 posted in Maintenance Optimization

At a time when operations and maintenance teams are heavily focused on cost saving and resource maximization to assure productivity and profitability, it is critical to consider how you can work smarter with less. 

Packaging maintenance can be used to maintain different types of equipment within one work order across a defined boundary, like a package, system or equipment type. If done correctly, packaging maintenance can unlock significant efficiencies in maintenance execution, as well as improving system and plant availability. 

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How to optimise your maintenance with routing, sequencing and packaging

20 April 2020 posted in Maintenance Optimization

Routing, sequencing and packaging can make maintenance execution much more efficient, improving plant and system availability, maintenance team productivity as well as safety. 

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3 performance improvement opportunities for your asset

24 March 2020 posted in Maintenance Optimization

Managing an asset is a high pressure role, and it can often be difficult to identify and act upon areas of underperformance amidst the day-to-day operations. 

Many teams have a gut feeling that their asset is underperforming in certain areas, but are unsure where - and do not have the time to dedicate to exploring this any further.

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5 tips for Asset Managers to optimise costs and increase production

8 January 2020 posted in Maintenance Optimization

The role of an Asset Manager is diverse and challenging, as the ultimate goal is to ensure the most value is derived from an asset, in a safe and cost effective way. 

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