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How RFID technology can help rental companies achieve unrivalled customer service results

12 October 2021 posted in RFID Asset Tracking and MoC, Asset Management

It is critical for equipment rental companies to track assets effectively and have full visibility of condition changes to manage high-value assets in the most efficient way possible. Having access to real-time insights relating to critical equipment in this manner is proven to help assure safe readiness for use, unlock operational efficiencies, and boost profitability.

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How RFID tracking technology can elevate inpatient hospital care, enhance safety, and reduce costs

23 August 2021 posted in RFID Asset Tracking and MoC

Hospitals are complex facilities where decisions often must be made in a time-sensitive, pressurized environment. Tracking the movement and whereabouts of patients, staff, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment can become a difficult task which can influence the health outcomes of patients, overall productivity, and efficiency of hospital procedures.

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How RFID tagging can benefit Logistics Managers

10 March 2021 posted in Maintenance Optimization, Inventory, Procurement and Logistics Optimization, Master Data Build and Optimization, RFID Asset Tracking and MoC

Logistics Managers can significantly reduce risks and unlock major efficiencies by deploying RFID tagging across key equipment. Having instant access to accurate, reliable information provided by unique identification tags can help you to protect the value of your plant or company, identify cost and resource saving opportunities, and minimize risk.

At a base level, RFID tagging allows you to very easily know what is what. It gives your equipment a digital identity, and allows you to associate detailed information with that identity - such as where it’s been, its current location, its service history, its cost, its maintenance, and much more - so that strategic decisions can be made with confidence.

In this blog post, we explore the key benefits RFID tagging can bring to Logistics Managers…

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RFID Tracking Software, AssetVoice™ Receives Award of Excellence

29 June 2020 posted in RFID Asset Tracking and MoC

To help companies efficiently monitor, track and analyse assets; Add Energy, the University of Salford and Innovate UK collaborated on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to develop an integrated solution using RFID hardware and IoT technologies. AssetVoice™ captures and manages any changes of components, throughout their lifecycle and in real time by utilising RFID tags, sensor technologies and cloud computing to automate the change management process in a simple, user-friendly, and fully customisable manner. 

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