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Optimize maintenance expenditure with Aim-Hi™'s newly launched features

13 May 2020 by Add Energy

A powerful maintenance strategy benchmarking feature has been added to Add Energy's Aim-Hi™ software, to enable maintenance teams to uncover significant cost saving and optimization opportunities.

This new functionality added to Aim-Hi™, a cloud-based tool that provides instantaneous intelligence around maintenance KPIs and planned maintenance regimes, allows users to quickly identify areas of underperformance and take advantage of opportunities for optimization, cost rationalization and resource maximization.


In addition to Aim-Hi™'s existing real-time and interactive maintenance KPI dashboard, this new maintenance strategy benchmarking functionality 
will allow maintenance experts to: 

  • Benchmark their data across their own assets and common equipment types 
  • Benchmark their data against Add Energy’s library of best practice maintenance 
  • Navigate through the data displays to quickly identify opportunities to optimize 
  • Focus their team on implementing improvements identified by Aim-Hi™


Using the insights derived from Aim-Hi™, an operator was able to save over $1.7million in their planned maintenance regime, by benchmarking their own maintenance strategies against best practice data. 

To learn more about Aim-Hi™, enquire about a 30-day free trial, or find out how this tool could help your team get the insights you need to optimize maintenance expenditure and asset performance, click below.

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